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#1 Insurance Claim Payout, Water Damage

Protect your home or office with Leakproof

Dont Get Caught Under Water

Water damage can shut your business for 6-8 weeks. Can you afford to be closed that long?

  • Lost business
  • Retained employee salaries
  • Hassle of insurance, restoration companies
  • Losses impact your ongoing insurance rating

Can your business withstand 2 months closure?

How it works…

Leak Sensor

Smart Valve

Flow Sensor



Place Sensors where there is water leak risk.

  • Operatories
  • Lab Room
  • Rest Rooms
  • Laundry/Break Room
  • Wet Room/Hot Water Heater

Flow Sensor

A simple flow sensor measures the amount of water used real time. Combined with the system, this allows setting limits on usage.

Office closed on the weekends? Shut off water automatically with the first notice of water usage.

Eliminate leaks while you’re away from the office.

Smart Valve

Smart Valve

A smart valve is placed in line with the water coming into the dental suite. Shuts off automatically when an alarm is raised.

Is exercised daily to assure connection and functionalty.

Communications Hub

Communication Hub

A Hub is placed to connect sensors with smart valve. When a sensor detects water, an alarm is set off, a signal set through the hub to the smart valve to shut water off. An alarm message is sent to our 24/7 monitoring team

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Our Monitoring team will pick up alarms and contact you to confirm a water leak has happened. Our team can detect events like building cleaning crews cleaning floors and reset the water valve after alarms have cleared.

Should an alarm persist, or not be caused by a planned event, the water to your suite will remain off until we’ve reached an authorized representative from your office to discuss the situation.

Alarms, valve actuation, battery life, signal strength… are all logged and managed as part of 24/7 monitoring.


Access to an app on your phone is available, enabling you to receive alarm messages and interact with your smart valve.